Scrum Master Training (PSMI)

Scrum Master Training (PSMI)

The Professional Scrum Master (PSMI) certification is offered by It is a good certification if you want to test your agile knowledge. The pass mark for the exam is 85% so its important to prepare in the best way. As a Lead Developer I am involved in organising team sprints so the certification was a good way to demonstrate my knowledge. The exam cost is $150.

The Scrum Guide

I liked the content of the course because it was very lean and strongly based around the content of The Scrum Guide. Its nice that the course is focused on the key concepts and newer processes that commonly get tagged on. Within the Scrum Guide it covers areas such as the Scrum Team and Scrum Events.

The scrum guide can be read online at the following link

Scrum Team

The Scrum Team consists of 1 Scrum Master, 1 Product Owner and Developers. The size of the team should be 10 or fewer. It should be small enough to be nimble but large enough to do significant work. The Developers in the team are people commited to creating a usables increment of work by the end of the sprint.

Scrum Events

Sprints are the heartbeat of Scrum, where ideas are turned into value. They have a fixed length of 1 month or less. Commonly teams use a 2 week period.

Sprint Planning is a meeting to determine the work that will be carried out in the sprint. The value of the unit of work that will be created should be encapsulated in a Sprint Goal.

Daily Scrum is an event for Developers to catch up and discuss progress towards the end goal. This is a 15 minute event.

Sprint Review is the chance to inspect the outcome of the sprint and determine future adaptations. Commonly this event will take place in the form of a demo to a customer. Inspection and adaptation is the key of Agile development.

Sprint Retrospective is the chance to learn from the experiences of the sprint they have just completed.

More information

More details of the certification are available here: